Initial appointment Fee

A fee of $300 plus GST.

Services we offer

Cash flow management

Cash flow and enabling some of your income to be effectively saved and invested is so important in building wealth. We assist you in this process and in keeping accountable.

Investment management and planning

We help you cut through the complexity and make sound investment and planning decisions in a collaborative manner.

Superannuation and retirement advice

We assist you in having enough for your retirement and in using superannuation as a vehicle for long term investment.

Tailored financial planning for lawyers

One of our niche specialities is helping lawyers with their planning needs and we have various service packages for those in the profession.

Asset protection and risk management

The foundation of planning and investment is protecting risk where you can. We help you do so in a manner that is appropriate to you.

Estate planning

An oft forgotten area, we facilitate you getting your house in order and in planning to have the right assets provided to the right people at the right time.

Why Choose Us?

We take the time to understand you

We get our energy from helping you towards your ongoing success

We are passionate about serving you

Because we think you will be pleasantly surprised!

How we can help you

The process

Our advice process is tailored to helping us understand you and provide advice that is tailored to your situation and objectives. We work with you to understand where you are now, where you would like to get to financially and how we can assist you in more efficiently getting there. The advice process moves through distinct phases of client discovery and requirements, strategy development, advice presentation and discussion and advice implementation. For most, ongoing review will then follow, being an important part of the puzzle.

Outcomes from this are being better informed and more financially confident.